It’s an invitation, an attitude,
a way of being and dressing,
of moving through the world: BePositive.


BePositive is the footwear brand “officially” born in 1995 that was the first to revolutionise the concept of sneakers thanks to the highly innovative thinking of its creator Ubaldo Malvestiti of Emudesign.


Today the brand is owned by Febos Srl and was relaunched in Italy and around the world with new collections that are entirely Made in Italy. But let’s take a step back.

You had to be very positive in the late 1980s to believe and invest in a totally disruptive concept: changing the history of sneakers, no longer just shoes dedicated to sport and the sporty but an accessory to wear every day, for every occasion.

Seeing as how the first t-shirts were beginning to show up under jackets, why not create footwear too that was capable of contaminating the style of dress that could also be worn to the office?
A classic derby upper was grafted onto a sport shoe base, stitching typical of an English brogue began to appear on the leather, the leather welt was inserted, which eventually became the BePositive signature.


Over time BePositive‘s creativity has supported the world of the most exclusive brands by collaborating in partnerships with Comme des Garçons, Stussy Deluxe e Uniform Experiment and many others, creating sought-after limited edition runs that are small in number but big in terms of prestige, while at the same time maintaining its unique identity. The refining of techniques and manufacturing processes never stopped and that classic/sporty look that today is a fact of life gained ground, finding favour with an ever increasing number of people, thrilling on catwalks and the red carpet. A calling to conquer the most advanced fashion markets with an eye for Eastern-style avant-garde, minimalist and chic design – Japan and Hong Kong serve as stylistic references – never conforming to the “fast and cheap” fashion that has taken hold over time and in the world of less sophisticated fashion.
BePositive can boast that not only is innovation written into its DNA, but so is a level of detail in its designs that has seen it welcomed in the stores that really matter in the world.


BePositive BePositive has been able to include and count among its clients Barneys (Tokyo and NY), Dover Street Market (London and Tokyo), Harvey Nichols, Excelsior, Flow Run (Florence) and Lazzari (Treviso).
The result of a history of innovation, resourcefulness and fashion is evident in the new BePositive. men’s-women’s collection. This evolution has brought with it new technological innovations and given sportiness a new appeal.


The Vibram soles, the sewn midsoles, the upper that is still classic but that, unlike what you usually see, becomes the backbone of the entire shoe, prove that the combination of experience and design can still outdo itself.


This is BePositive with its stylish sneakers, its woven and perforated leather, its easy and at the same time refined ankle boots, the chic lace-up shoes that hide the lycra socks inside, combining comfort, trendiness and elegance. Wearing them is not just a way to feel “positive” but also to carry forward a tradition of success with every step, showing great style and freedom of thought, and to go far.