ARTISAN EXPERIMENTATION . An unconventional brand that has been creating hybrids since 1995, contaminating structures to create new ones, we prefer 100% HANDMADE WORK . Completely MADE IN ITALY , BePositive sneakers blend INNOVATIVE MATERIALS AND DESIGN , with a TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURE and a search for details, which remain deliberately imperfect.

Sneakers that are characterized by the patchwork of materials and fabrics used, and by the PATENTED SOLE , with an oversized look, which is milled by hand and to which an air cushion is inserted which guarantees MAXIMUM COMFORT and adapts to the weight of the body .
A brand that combines luxury constructions and materials with an unconventional attitude.

For some time now there has been no outfit and occasion that does not include a pair of sneakers. Yet it hasn't always been like this, there is a story to tell and we are part of it. It was the 90s, BePositive was a "way of saying", everything was appearance, everything had to seem perfect and sports shoes were divided by category: running, soccer, tennis, dance and basketball. Today sneakers are worn under a tuxedo and BePositive is a reality made up of creative minds and artisan hands that give life to wonderfully imperfect one-of-a-kind pieces. Our creations are the result of experimentation based on the desire to evolve, through materials and structures that must not imprison creativity but enhance it. Who are we to decide where your shoes will take you and what you will do with them?

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